Michaelmas Farm
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The healthy social life is found
  When in the mirror of each human soul
  The whole community is shaped,
  And when in the community
  Lives the strength of each human soul.

- Rudolf Steiner

Michaelmas Farm is a family homestead in north central Massachusetts. We raise goats and chickens, maintain gardens, and actively engage in biodynamic agricultural methods and practices. 
We draw upon the contributions of Rudolf Steiner and his valuable insights into human development and social forms as the primary inspiration for our work. Our learning center is home base to community-based initiatives serving homeschooling families and others who share an interest in our programs.

Dear Friends, 
Warmest Autumn Greetings! 
Whether you found us because of Michaelmas Farm, Waldorf Family Network, or some of our new work that is emerging this year, you're in the right place! 
We are in the process of developing two new initiatives.

Hearthways is a community-based initiative for learning and spiritual renewal. Our primary purpose is to serve parent educators inspired by the insights and work of Rudolf Steiner. We emphasize programs related to inner development, including retreats and workshops.
Sophia Alliance for Home Education is a sister project of Hearthways, yet also stands on its own as an independent educational initiative. Our primary purpose is to serve parent educators by offering a process-oriented curriculum studies training program. We also offer other programs and services out of a grassroots-based approach.


These websites are still under construction at this time. We anticipate finishing these sites sometime this fall. Both initiatives will be launched  in spring 2015.


Keep checking back to read updated information!





- While we had originally anticipated being able to launch both initiatives this fall, a decision was made to spend a little more time improving upon our overall programming ideas, as well as fine-tuning both websites before moving full-steam ahead. We appreciate and thank you for your patience. We're almost there!

- We are continuing to use this site (MichaelmasFarm.com) as our general announcement site. This site will continue to be up and running until approximately April 2015. At that time, this site will be taken down, and a new site for our homestead will be up and running elsewhere. We'll keep you posted.
- We do not yet have an email list or blog for Hearthways or Sophia Alliance. We intend to have some type of platform/service such as this available with the launch of both sites which will allow you to stay updated automatically. Check back here for announcements!  

We appreciate your patience as we strive to serve you better!
In the meantime, please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries about these new endeavors or need some support: MichaelmasFarm@comcast.net

Stay well and enjoy the quiet beauty of fall...

Michaelmas Farm

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